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Come in for a free consultation and you will realize the difference when you
make the transition.  Our pledge is to save you more tax dollars per year
than we charge.

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Wells, Schluter, Hanson and Co., Inc.
With the tax laws changing every year and upwards of 40% of your  
income going to federal and state governments, it is imperative that  
you minimize the tax impact.  Whether you are an employee getting  
a W2 or are self-employed, we have the proper techniques and  
solutions to get you to the smallest legal tax burden.

Come in, enjoy a cup of Green Mountain coffee and experience the  
difference. If we can’t save you more than we charge, we will fire  
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We are your full service  
accounting firm dedicated to  
providing you with customized  
tax, accounting and consulting  
services. About us.
Through expert analysis and  
research, we are able to  
optimize your true financial  
opportunity within the current  
tax laws. Satisfied Clients.
We provide sound financial  
planning help you reach your  
financial goals in an ever  
changing financial regulatory  
environment. Services.

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Who We Are
Who We Are

Your online resource to assist in the tax process and your financial decision-making.

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What We Do

Simply put - we minimize your taxes owed by legally and ethically maximizing the expenses you can record.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Given our experience, we can help guide you through the every changing labyrinth of tax law.

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